Senior Account Manager (Work From Home)

Quezon City - Quezon City EDGE Core Team

11 Jun 2024

Quezon City - Quezon City

EDGE Core Team


Full Time


2 - 5 years

About Edge Tutor 

Are you passionate about supporting Filipino teachers? Our mission is to provide thousands of Filipino teachers with fulfilling careers, allowing them to work from home, earn higher income, advance professionally, and make a real impact on their students' lives.

The Role

Become an Account Manager at EDGE Tutor International and help shape our outstanding team. 

What We’re Looking For

  • Results-Driven: You work hard to get things done, no matter the obstacles.
  • Self-Aware: You know your strengths and weaknesses and can estimate how long tasks will take.
  • Shows Empathy: You treat everyone with respect and kindness, while also enforcing rules fairly.
  • Strong Communicator: You explain things clearly and quickly, and you're good at getting your point across.
  • Controls Emotions: You stay calm and focused, even when dealing with tough situations.
  • Speaks Up: You give feedback often and push for positive changes.
  • Manages Time Well: You keep track of your tasks and give updates clearly.
  • Data-Oriented: You keep good records and understand how to measure success.
  • Responsive to Clients: You communicate well with clients, responding quickly and accurately.
  • Leads the Team: You can bring the team together and make sure everyone does their best work.
  • Good at Reading Team Behavior: You can tell when things are changing with the team and make sure it stays reliable.
  • Good Judge of Character: You're good at figuring out what kind of person someone is and whether they can be trusted.
  • Project Management experience: You can coordinate between departments 

You're the Perfect Fit if You Have:

  • Proven track record in account management 
  • Demonstrated success in achieving revenue targets. 
  • Experience with international clients in BPO or outsourcing model 
  • Experience with managing virtual assistants in remote working environment 
  • Experience in building and leading high-performing teams.


  • Build enduring client relationships and nurture long-term partnerships.
  • Thoroughly analyze and comprehend client needs.
  • Lead support, training and recruitment teams to delight the client. 
  • Conduct regular client meetings to gather feedback and ensure satisfaction.
  • Achieve or surpass revenue  and gross margin targets. 
  • Address client inquiries and concerns promptly and professionally.
  • Generate detailed performance reports for clients and internal stakeholders.
  • Ensure accuracy and timeliness in invoice processing.
  • Optimize teacher allocation to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Manage operational costs of the account. 
  • Develop and implement strategies for teacher retention and engagement.
  • Assess and vet teachers prior to their assignment to the account.
  • Enforce rules and policies to maintain high standards of quality and attendance.
  • Ensure consistent lesson volume to meet client expectations.
  • Scale the number of teachers in accordance with client demand.
  • Stay informed about market trends and clients need to anticipate challenges.

Benefits and Perks 

  • Base salary of Php 50,000 - Php 60,000
  • Work-from-home flexibility.
  • Enjoy 30 vacation days per year.
  • Receive a 13th-month pay bonus.
  • Benefit from healthcare coverage of up to 200k for you and your loved ones.
  • Earn quarterly performance incentives.
  • Join us for an annual company retreat.

How to Apply 

During the interview process, you'll need to complete a tech check to assess your work-from-home setup. Following that, you'll be asked to complete a training task and attend a 45 minute interview with your hiring manager. 

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